Business Prognosis Competitions: The Most Loved Team-Building Of Employees


June 13, 2022

There are team-building activities that could be described as a classic: an escape game, an outdoor outing, a match of any sport or activity, etc. All these team-building activities have two things in common: they are known to everyone and are done externally.

What if we told you that the most beloved team building of employees did not have this in common with them?

The business prognosis competition: Kezako?

The business prognosis competition is a rising trend in team building. It’s presented as a classic prediction competition. But beware! It has nothing to do with online sports betting. Here, everyone bets solely on the score and the winner of the competition. That’s how Kezako encourages the participation of all employees for a single goal: to unite them around a sporting event.

So, whether you’re a specialist in the field or you don’t even know the basic rules of the sport, it doesn’t matter! The main thing is that everyone has fun, which will fuel the discussions at the break.

A team-building to federate them all

Over the years, what was originally a simple Excel sheet has become a real platform for white label predictions “so that employees understand that it’s corporate”. Spotify, Total, Voyages-SNCF, Darty, etc… large groups have already opted for the leader in business prognosis competitions. The result? About 85% of employees participate in the business prognosis competition. And this figure is far from being due to chance because Office Fantasy has many assets in its workforce.

In addition, there is an advantage of extending a team-building activity, not over a few hours or even a day, like most classic team-building activities, but over the entire duration of a sports competition! It’s thus to enjoy a particular enthusiasm among employees. This is because each match is an opportunity to room favourite colleagues. It’s also a vector of the federation as the competition progresses.

No need to support it, but a team sport is done as a team. No room for individualism! It’s the group that prevails during victories as well as defeats. So, what could be better than incorporating the sporting values of integration, combativeness and one-sided leadership through playful team building? In any case, in view of the many companies that have tried it, the in-company prediction competition has succeeded in its bet: to become the most beloved team building of employees.

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