Fantasy Football EURO 2020 / Europe


February 1, 2020

For the first time, the European Championship is not played in one host country, but in no fewer than 12 different countries. And the great thing is that one of those countries is the Netherlands! The European Championship is therefore played “all over Europe” in a number of countries that are also qualified for the European Championship. The qualified countries are now known, and that means that we can fully predict and analyze!

The European Championship 2020 countries competing with each other are Belgium, Czech Republic, England, France, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Croatia, Wales, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Turkey, Russia, Italy, Finland , and of course the Netherlands. But who are the favorites and who are the underdogs of this European Championship?

Statistics show that England and Belgium - also known as the Red Devils - are the biggest contenders for winning the European Championship. But how big the chance is to win also has to do with which group you are in and therefore who your opponents are in the first phase. This European Championship is another death group: France (Les Bleus), Germany and Portugal are in the same group. Ronaldo can therefore get very difficult! Belgium and the Netherlands are lucky; both countries are in a relatively easy group (for example, the Netherlands plays against Ukraine and Austria). Favorite Belgium therefore has a good chance. England, on the other hand, is in a somewhat more difficult group classified against the Czech Republic and Croatia. Although the Croats should not be underestimated, statistical predictions show that Croatia has the least chance of winning the European Championship. Italy can sometimes surprise; they have not been very strong in recent years but have always performed well historically and are classified in a relatively easy group. So it will be very exciting this European Championship!

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