Fantasy Football FIFA 2018 / Russia


March 1, 2018

This year Koppa is launching a brand new game, to bring the World Cup to life even more among consumers and companies. You have organized a pool for friends and / or colleagues in an easy and fast way!

Organize a fantasy football pool with your friends via the site in a jiffy, send the link via Whatsapp or e-mail, let everyone make their own predictions and think up a nice prize for the winner together. After the round of 16 you can make your prediction again to get back in the race and win from your friends. Chat with each other via the chat function and challenge each other. You even have the chance to finish in the top ranking of all individual participants of tournament, and win a great prize!

As a company you can even choose to organize a customized football pool, exclusively for the employees of your company. That way you really let the World Cup come alive among your employees! You can shape the pool in the colors of your company, and add your logo to make it even more personal. Let individual colleagues and departments or teams compete with each other. Add a nice prize for the best predictor and the winning team to make it even more fun to participate!

⚽️ 🏆 Fantasy Football for your Office?

Create an Office Fantasy Football exclusively for your company. Let employees compete against each other individually or in teams for great prizes. Interested? Then contact us for a demo and a suitable solution.

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