How To Improve Internal Communication Through Major Sporting Events


June 26, 2022

It’s often criticized that sporting events can hardly fit into an internal communication strategy. It’s believed that sports go against the company’s productivity, and only a minority of the staff is really interested in such events. The majority see sporting events as an opportunity for extended breaks. But it’s quite the opposite.

What kind of sporting events?

First of all, it is necessary to clearly define the sporting events for internal communication. Well, it’s not a departmental ping-pong tournament that we’re talking about. It will not really affect the internal communication of the company.

Here, we’re talking about major sporting events with a considerable media impact. We can see the passion all over social networks. We’re talking about competitions such as the World Cup or the Euro football, the Rugby World Cup or the Roland-Garros tennis tournament.

We enter in a setting where sport, and more particularly sports competition, is a point of convergence of practitioners as curious, and therefore employees, towards the event.

From an external event to an internal asset

As mentioned, the sporting event is like a meeting point. It’s a common point that your employees can share. Lovers of football are eagerly for the next major competition. Those who are curious would like to understand the rules of sports competitions see it as an opportunity to ask experts for explanations.

It’s just one example of the connection that sports can create between two people who would probably never have interacted with each other in any other way. Or, more specifically, it connects two employees who have never been brought in, by their services or positions, to exchange on a subject other than work.

While some companies see sporting events as a brake on their productivity, others see an opportunity to improve their internal communication by federating their teams.

How to make the most of this opportunity to federate your teams?

Federating your teams around a sporting event is not just about buying fruit juices and croissants and letting them watch all the games in the break room. It’s much better than that.

To unite your teams around a sporting event is to involve them. It’s about putting them at the heart of the competition. And the best way to involve them is to predict. By setting up a corporate prediction contest, you offer your teams the opportunity to have fun around the sport, meet around an event and create discussion topics in the break room. Thus, you transform an external sporting event into a unifying internal event, a powerful team building over the duration of the competition.

What solution should be put in place?

Doing an internal event that lasts a whole day is a considerable job. So, an event of several weeks seems totally inconceivable. Yet this is what Office Fantasy proposes. A white label platform, allowing all your employees to participate and predict the entire sporting event, with a dedicated account manager, a discussion space, a free communication kit and many other options.

The Office Fantasy is a turnkey solution to offer your teams an innovative and fun internal communication operation, which will allow you to enjoy the media dimension and the collective passion of a major sporting event to make it a unique team-building operation.

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