Pubs / Restaurants Fantasy Football

Pubs / Restaurants Fantasy Football - EURO 2024

Are you the owner or manager of a pub, restaurant or any hospitality venue, and want to organise something nice for your staff around major Football Championships, such as the World Cup? Or do you want your guests to experience all matches more intensively in your venue? Then organise the best Fantasy Football League for your place and get everyone involved!

The fantasy football software offers the following possibilities:

  • Organise a football fantasy league for your pub or restaurant, exclusively or public
  • Invite staff/guests via email, Whatsapp or Facebook
  • Easy-to-use software for everybody
  • You can set your own prizes for the winners
  • Upload your own company logo and colours

Your employees can compete with each other individually, or even better, have your bar staff compete against kitchen staff, wait staff, managers and other colleagues. The best one we have heard was staff vs guests, imagine how crazy that would of been. So get ready to organise great prizes for the winners or the winning team, as the buzz will be all your staff and guests will be able to talk about.

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