Large enterprises

Large enterprises - EURO 2024

Think up great incentives for the winners and put them in the spotlight!

Our Fantasy Football software offers the following possibilities:

  • Organise a Football Fantasy League for your enterprise, exclusively or public.
  • Invite colleagues via mail, Whatsapp or Facebook.
  • It is an easy-to-use software for everybody.
  • The opportunity to set your own prizes for the winners.
  • Upload your own personalised logo and colours.

Make the Fantasy Football exclusive to your company by only registering employees with a specific domain name, use your company colours and logo to really grow that team spirit at work! You could even pit departments against each other, in doing this people that usually don’t meet get a chance to create a new friendship, resulting in a better work environment.

If a Fantasy Football League is something you would like for your business, take a look at our packages and see what one suits your business needs. Each package has a specific number of employees able to register, for example, our Gold is perfect for up to 200 employees, and the Platinum for up to 400! If your organisation requires a larger package, please send us an enquire to get your own customised package by Clicking Here

If you choose a package, but have employees who didn’t join in at the start wanting to join due to the buzz around the office, and you need to add more - no problem! Any additional employees added will start for £1 per person added. Send us an enquiry and we can upgrade your package, Click Here to send an enquiry.

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⚽️ 🏆 Fantasy Football for your Office?

Create an Office Fantasy Football exclusively for your company. Let employees compete against each other individually or in teams for great prizes. Interested? Then contact us for a demo and a suitable solution.

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