Fantasy Football for your Office?

Organise a FIFA 2022 Fantasy Football for your Office within 5 minutes

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What is it?

With an Office Fantasy Football you manage a football pool exclusively for your company. Employees can compete against each other individually or with their team / department. Add the colors and logo of your company for recognisability and let your colleagues compete for great prizes.

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How does it work?

Let the FIFA 2022 come to life within your organisation and let your employees compete with each other. You'll have to do 4 things:

  1. Organise a Fantasy Football for your organisation, privately or publicly
  2. Define awards for your employees
  3. Make sure everybody enters their predictions before the start of the tournament
  4. Invite everybody per email or other channel

Explore the possibilities

Exclusive Registration
Only for your Organisation

The office fantasy is not inxeded on search engines and users are required to sign-in. All your employees need to register first. You can also organise a public fantasy.

Individual Ranking
Compete with Everybody

Every employee competes as individual with everyboy. There can only be one winner.

Department Ranking
Compete with your department

Every employee will compete with his or her department to become the best department of the company.

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Create an Office Fantasy Football exclusively for your company. Let employees compete against each other individually or in teams for great prizes. Interested? Then contact us for a demo and a suitable solution.