Medium-sized enterprises

Medium-sized enterprises - EURO 2024

Think up great incentives for the winners and put them in the spotlight!

Our Fantasy Football software offers the following possibilities:

  • Organise a Football Fantasy League for your enterprise, exclusively or public.
  • Invite colleagues via mail, Whatsapp or Facebook.
  • It is an easy-to-use software for everybody.
  • The opportunity to set your own prizes for the winners.
  • Upload your own personalised logo and colours.

Make the Fantasy Football exclusive to your company by only registering employees with a specific domain name, use your company colours and logo to really grow that team spirit at work!

If a Fantasy Football League is something you would like for your business, take a look at our packages and see what one suits your business needs. Each package has a specific number of employees able to register, for example, our Gold is perfect for up to 200 employees, and the Silver for 100!

If you choose a package, but have employees who didn’t join in at the start wanting to join due to the buzz around the office, and you need to add more - no problem! Send us an enquiry and we can upgrade your package, Click Here to send an enquiry.

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